The project team is an independent body with incorporated status. It is entirely voluntary. The project team consists of

Bob Gordon, President

Bob is a Board member of MyState, an ASX listed financial company. He has considerable experience in a wide range of Board and Senior Executive Roles. He also has extensive experience with not-for-profit organisations and is a Life Member of the South Hobart Progress Association, a Foundation Supporter of From the Shadows Inc.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Project Chair, business networking, sponsorship and grants

Dr Dianne Snowden AM, Secretary

Dianne is an historian specialising in convict history and the children of the Orphan Schools. She is president of the Female Convicts Research Centre Inc. and founder and convenor of the Friends of the Orphan Schools. Dianne is also Chair of the Cascades Community Advisory Committee.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Project Secretary, historical research, community engagement

Ros Escott, Treasurer

Ros is a family historian with an active interest in convict women and their stories. She was a sponsor of the Footsteps towards Freedom statues project. She is treasurer for the Female Convicts Research Centre Inc. and Convict Women’s Press Inc. and serves on the Cascades Community Advisory Committee. Ros has over 30 years’ experience with not-for-profit organisations.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Project Treasurer.

Lorraine Davidson, Senior Vice-President

Lorraine Davidson is a retired teacher, a sixth generation Tasmanian with a passion for local history.
RESPONSIBILITIES: schools liaison, fundraising

Darryl Massie, Public Officer

Darryl is a retired solicitor who practised in both Melbourne and Hobart for 30 years specialising in corporate law and commercial litigation. His long term interest in family history research prompted him to volunteer as a transcriber for the Founders and Survivors project and, more recently, as a member of the committees of the Female Convicts Research Centre Inc. and the Convict Women’s Press Inc.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Assists the Committee with compliance issues and acts as an intermediary with not-for-profit regulatory bodies.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Member

Jennifer is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA). She is the PAHSMA representative on the Project Team.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Tourism and marketing advice